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Earthing Products
Earthing Products are made to address the issue of suitability, reality, comfort, and practicality. These products ensure all functions effectively during all functional faults. These products can safeguard the personnel and are benefitted with ease as well as efficiency.
Metal Clamps
Metal Clamps we offer are employed to hold numerous materials in place, typically wood as well as metal. These clamps are suited in several industries such as welding, automotive, carpentry and more.
Electric Boxes
Offered Electric Boxes we offer render innocuous links to all wiring systems as well as strategies in nearly all structures. These ensure that your project is reliable as well as secured. These are apt for various builds as well as renovations.
Cable Tray
Cable Trays we deal in render continuous support for all cables along their complete lengths. These trays have been precisely formed as well as engineered to raise the strength capabilities of the steel.
Pipes are used in several pipe systems to make connection in several straight pipes as well as tubing sections. These can adapt to dissimilar sizes as well as shapes and for several industrial purposes.
Pipe Fittings
Pipes Fittings are used in several pipe systems to make connection in several straight pipes as well as tubing sections. These can adapt to dissimilar sizes as well as shapes and for several industrial purposes.
Manhole Cover
The Manholes Covers are used during the maintenance work. These prevent any person from falling in the hole. These are also available with the lid covers and are used at the sites of construction, roads and others. The covers have high ductile strength. 

Unistrut Channel
Unistrut Channel is functional as a standardized formed structural system, utilized in the construction as well as electrical industries. They are required for the light structural support. The channels are also suited for supporting plumbing, wiring and mechanical components. 

Brass Neutral Link
The Brass Neutral Links are the backbones of electrical boards and panel boards. They are essentially useful for ensuring the circuit protection. These can also evade the chances of overloading. They suffice as the mainstay in structuring circuit protection. 

Ceiling Fan Downrod
The Ceiling Fan Downrods are the metal pipes, which enable a connection between the mounting hardware and motor housing. They are utilized for stabilizing the ceiling fan and allow for a safe operation. The said solutions allow for effective and safe utilization.  

Solar LED Street Light
Solar LED Street Lights are utilized for the parking lot, residential lighting, Hospital parking, and others. These need minimal installation and are finer than the conventional lighting. They play an important part in the conservation of energy. 

Fire Hydrant Cap
Fire Hydrant Caps have been designed to prevent the entrance of foreign matters. These can reduce the need for repairs as well as maintenance. These have limited access to prevent the misuse of hydrant. In the occurrence of fire, these provide fast water supply. 

Copper Wire
The Copper Wires are made from the non-precious metals. These are designed to handle a big amount of electrical power. The wires have high resistance to heat and evade the issues of overloading. These wires are also resistant to deterioration. 

Cable Route Marker
OFC Route Marker has critical role to play in the telecom industries. It can indicate a path of under ground lying cable. During the maintenance, it can play its part of providing the protection. These can identify the change in the route of the cable route as well as the locations of underground joints. 

Epoxy Insulator
Epoxy Insulator ensures an optimum performance. It can be applied at a temperature range of 20°C and 40°C. It must be used in the right quantity and is used to mix the over-thin mix. They must be strain and stir well before use.

Spike Guard And Buster
Spike Guard And Buster have multiple sockets for making a connection between the electronic and electrical devices. They give ultimate protection from spikes and are ideal for utilization in homes as ell as workshops offices. They can evade all types of mishaps. 

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