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Cable Route Marker

Cable Route Marker

35.00 INR/Piece

Product Details:


Cable Route Marker Price And Quantity

  • 35.00 INR/Piece
  • 100 Piece

Cable Route Marker Trade Information

  • 1000 Piece Per Week
  • 1 Week

Product Description

Cable Route Marker is an extremely useful product for the industries of telecom, which is used to indicate the path of under ground lying cable. It has high utility during maintenance and can protect from damage. It is also used to show direction and is extremely useful during the maintenance. Cable Route Marker is widely appreciated by the patrons for its dimensional accuracy, high quality and rust &  resistant properties. This is an extremely effective marker, offered with high level of utility.  

Cable Route Marker Specifications:

1. Surface Finishing: Powder Coated

2. Diameter: 2 Inch

3. Brand: Zaral

4. Color: Silver

5. Material: Cast Iron

Cable Route Marker Applications:

1. Telecommunications: In the telecommunications industry, especially for fiber optic cables, route markers are used to indicate the path of buried or submerged cables. This helps in preventing accidental damage during excavation or construction work.

2. Power Distribution: Route markers are extensively used in power distribution networks to mark the location of underground power cables. This is essential for safety reasons and to prevent damage to the cables during construction activities.

3. Oil and Gas Pipelines: In the oil and gas industry, markers are used to indicate the route of underwater pipelines, including both transmission and distribution lines. This helps in preventing damage from ship anchors, fishing gear, or other underwater activities.

4. Utilities: Route markers are employed by utility companies to mark the location of underground utilities such as water, sewer, and gas lines. This prevents accidental damage during excavation work and helps in quickly locating utility lines for maintenance or repair.

5. Marine Navigation: In marine environments, cable route markers are used to indicate the presence and location of underwater cables such as submarine communication cables or power transmission cables. This helps in avoiding damage to the cables by ships' anchors or fishing gear.

6. Construction and Engineering: During construction projects involving excavation or drilling, route markers are used to identify the presence of buried cables, ensuring that they are not accidentally damaged during the construction process.

7. Renewable Energy: Route markers are employed in renewable energy projects such as offshore wind farms or underwater power transmission lines. They help in identifying the route of cables connecting offshore turbines to onshore power grids.

8. Railways and Transportation: In railway and transportation infrastructure, route markers are used to mark the location of underground cables and signaling lines. This ensures the safety of railway operations and prevents damage to critical infrastructure.

9. Data Centers: In large-scale data centers, route markers are used to identify the path of fiber optic cables and other communication lines running underground or within the facility. This aids in maintenance and troubleshooting activities.

10. Military and Defense: Route markers are also utilized in military and defense applications to mark the location of communication cables, sensor networks, and other critical infrastructure both on land and underwater.

Cable Route Marker FAQ:

Q: Why are cable route markers important?

A: Cable route markers are crucial for various reasons:

1. They help prevent accidental damage to cables during excavation, construction, or maintenance activities.
2. They aid in quickly locating cables for repair or maintenance, thus reducing downtime.
3. They enhance safety by providing clear identification of cable routes, especially in areas prone to digging or construction work.

Q: What information do cable route markers convey?

A: Cable route markers typically indicate the type of cable (e.g., fiber optic, power), the owner or operator of the cable, and sometimes depth information. They may also include contact details for reporting purposes.

Q: What materials are cable route markers made of?

A: Cable route markers are commonly made of durable materials such as plastic, fiberglass, or metal, designed to withstand various environmental conditions including UV exposure, moisture, and temperature fluctuations.

Q: How are cable route markers installed?

A: Cable route markers can be installed using various methods including direct burial, surface mounting, or attachment to existing infrastructure such as utility poles or fence posts. The installation method depends on factors such as terrain, visibility requirements, and local regulations.

Q: Are there regulations or standards governing the use of cable route markers?

A: Regulations regarding the use of cable route markers may vary by region and industry. However, there are often industry standards and best practices that recommend the use of route markers for safety and utility identification purposes.

Q: Can cable route markers be customized?

A: Yes, cable route markers can often be customized to include specific information such as company logos, contact details, or additional safety warnings. Customization options may vary depending on the manufacturer.

Q: How long do cable route markers last?

A: The lifespan of cable route markers depends on factors such as material quality, environmental conditions, and maintenance practices. High-quality markers installed in suitable locations can last for many years.

Q: Can cable route markers be removed or relocated?

A: Yes, cable route markers can usually be removed or relocated if necessary. However, proper procedures should be followed to avoid damaging the markers or the cables they indicate.
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